The Writer’s Tag – in GIFs!

In a totally opposite mood of the last few posts I've done, today we're covering The Writer's Tag - in GIFs. For other (more serious) examples of this tag, check out: J. W. Martin, Sophie's Corner, Orangutan Librarian, Life and Other Disasters, and more! That said, on with the tag! 1. What genres, styles, and topics do you write … Continue reading The Writer’s Tag – in GIFs!

10 Things I Love To Write {A Tag I Totally Didn’t Steal}

Here's the thing about tags. One must actually have a rather large readership to actually be tagged in the things. Which means I'm not often tagged. *giggles* Just kidding. I really don't put in enough effort or blog often enough to really grow much of a readership on here. That's my own fault. All this … Continue reading 10 Things I Love To Write {A Tag I Totally Didn’t Steal}

The Language of Worlds – Vixere

Yes, I know. It's supposed to be Soul Saturday. But guess what? IT'S ALMOST NANOWRIMO. Which means all my soul is going into my writing anyway. So Soul Saturdays will be postponed until mid-November/early December, depending on how things go for the course of NaNoWriMo. This morning, I came upon the Language of Worlds linkup … Continue reading The Language of Worlds – Vixere