10 Things I Love To Write {A Tag I Totally Didn’t Steal}

Here's the thing about tags. One must actually have a rather large readership to actually be tagged in the things. Which means I'm not often tagged. *giggles* Just kidding. I really don't put in enough effort or blog often enough to really grow much of a readership on here. That's my own fault. All this … Continue reading 10 Things I Love To Write {A Tag I Totally Didn’t Steal}

Hadassah, Daniel and Jesus – the Ultimate Third Culture Kids

In my study for Waterfalls: Navigating Life Changes God's Way, I spent a lot of time researching the three people up in the title - Hadassah, Daniel, and Jesus. Here are my findings. *cue dramatic music*

A Thousand Character Reactions – An Impromptu Study in Revisions

Guys, I wasn't going to post today. Then I received this lovely book and found myself inspired. As an author, are your characters always sighing and nodding? Did you just sigh and nod? If so, this book is for you! Jam-packed with 1,000 physical reactions a character can have, organized by body part from head to toe … Continue reading A Thousand Character Reactions – An Impromptu Study in Revisions

“Light the Dark”, by Joe Fassler

It's rare that I'll read through a collection of essays or short stories. For a number of reasons, but mostly because unless I particularly like a person's writing, I'm easily bored. I like to stay with a character for several hundred pages and really get to know them. Therefore, obviously, I'm more of a novel sort of person. That said, I've recently finished a collection of essays that I've fallen in love with and wanted to share with you. This book review probably won't look much like book reviews I've done in the past. Simply because there's nothing to judge negatively or positively. I'll simply be giving my opinion on the content that's there, rather than how I believe the collection could have improved.

WIPJoy: Make Me Your Queen

Not gonna lie, guys, this NaNoWriMo thing is already tiring me out. 😉 It's the morning of the 10th as I'm writing this, and my wordcount is sitting at 90,467 words. Vixere itself is sitting at 55,592 {and maybe just past the midpoint?}, Gate of God is finished, and my wrists actually aren't falling off. AND LET'S NOT EVEN … Continue reading WIPJoy: Make Me Your Queen

“Texas Angel,” by Judith Pella

I'm not a huge fan of Christian fiction or romance. Christian fiction tends to over-emphasize the message/sermon and let the fundamentals of storytelling slide. The formulaic nature of romance bores me. But today I present to you a book that's both Christian fiction and a romance... that I actually didn't hate. On the Open Frontier … Continue reading “Texas Angel,” by Judith Pella

The Language of Worlds – Nara and the Dragon

I unfortunately don't have a blurb for this precious yet. {Although I should, considering the draft is already 15k+ words long}. It's a loose futuristic retelling of Beauty and the Beast, wherein the world has frozen over and a genetic mutation gone wrong, creating dragons. Nara is the blind daughter of the leader of her tribe and is chosen as a tribute to the dragons, to keep them from melting their {ice} lands out from under them.